Vokera Linea One Combi Boiler

Vokera Linea One Combi Boiler Introduction

The Vokera Linea One Combi is a 38 kW boiler with a flow rate up to 15.6 litres per minute, making it a suitable choice for a home with multiple bathrooms.

The Linea One is a larger boiler, with dimensions of 845 x 453 x 358 mm and weighing 44kg. It comes with a 5 year parts and labour warranty, conditional on registration and an annual service. The boiler has been constructed to minimise risks of failure; it has built-in frost protection , as well as an anti-seize function that protects the motorized valve and pump from seizing. It also has an Autostop disabling function which caters for 4 other modes of operation, ranging from a service reminder to full standby mode where no heat or domestic hot water (DHW) is produced.

For those who want the ease of remote control, there is a BeSmart kit available, which allows you to program the boiler from your smartphone or tablet. The Linea One is A-rated and endorsed by the Energy saving Trust; for even greater efficiency there is weather compensation control installed as standard, which can improve space heating efficiency by up to 2%. For those households with a ready gas supply, it is also possible to purchase an LPG conversion kit for this boiler.

Vokera Linea One Combi Boiler

Vokera Linea One Combi Boiler Specifications


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Linea One




845 x 453 x 358

5 years