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Vokera Company History

Established over 35 years ago with bases stretching from the UK to Ireland, Vokèra has made a mark in the heating and boiler systems industry with its unique range of energy efficient products. Backed by its parent company, Riello Group, Vokèra has never lost its focus on the heating needs of its target customers in the UK and Ireland. In order to ensure that great customer satisfaction is maintained all year round, the company never strayed from its policy of continuous innovation and technological advancement. This policy has seen most of their brands on the lead in the increased energy efficiency market.

To further prove that it has come to stay, Vokèra holds multiple certifications that have set it apart from its contemporaries. The company is a member of the Heating and Hot Water Industry Council, the RGII, and the Gas Safe Register. Vokèra is also ISO 9001 approved and supports the ‘Benchmark’ initiative. Little wonder why this company is highly trusted by installers, homeowners, and merchants.


Some of the product ranges that have established Vokèra as a champion boiler appliances include but not limited to air source heat pumps, unvented cylinders, light commercial gas boilers, domestic gas boilers, solar thermal collectors, water heaters, etc. Vokèra also offer other products like control devices (optimizes ease of boiler installation and efficiency), full range of ancillaries, and others. In fact, the company offers full package to its customers. Unica i, a product of Vokèra, is one of the leading boiler brands in the UK and beyond.

Beyond sales

Apart from offering its customers top-quality heating and boiler systems, Vokèra also takes the extra step to ensure complete customer satisfaction. The company has been able to achieve this through excellent after sales customer support and training. Yes, the company takes it time to render as much support as possible towards proper installation of every purchased unit. Installers can always count on them to make the installation process easier.

In order to minimize any form of faults with their finished products, Vokèra takes the time to ensure that every unit is tested before they are finally shipped from the factory. With the Vokèra brand of boilers, homeowners can be sure of 100% peace of mind as these products are highly reliable.

Continued innovation

With its desire to be in the lead in manufacturing energy efficient appliances that are in line with the company’s forward-thinking policy, Vokèra continues to design up-to-date training facilities fitted with state-of-the-art test rigs. This way, installers, sales persons, and specifiers are provided the support they need in the sales, delivery, and installation of the units. Vokèra believes in team work and the management sees its sales persons, engineers, and the local market as part of their team.

Is it time to change your old boiler?

If your boiler has served you for over 12 years, then it is time to go for a replacement and with the Vokèra range of products, homeowners would surely get it right, every time. Take a tour now and let the professionals guide you in making a choice of the right type of boiler for your property.