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Vaillant Company History

In the global ventilation, heating, and air-conditioning industry, one company that has endeared itself to the hearts of many property owners is the Vaillant Group, the second largest company in the industry. Founded in 1874 by Johann Vaillant, this family-owned company has its headquarters in Remscheid, Germany. The Vaillant Group was started as a master fitting business. Twenty years later, Johann Vaillant succeeded in creating a patent – a new ‘closed-system’ gas-fired bathroom boiler.

The growth journey

Johann Vaillant’s patented boiler became the first device that could effectively heat bath water, with the end result being very hygienic with no traces of combustion gases found in the water. At that time, it was an awesome technological achievement and through the centuries, Johann has remained relevant as one of the pioneers of heating technology as that innovation opened up a new market segment in the heating industry.

In 1924, the company recorded another huge achievement – the development of the first ever central heating system. With this central heating boiler, several rooms in a given building are heated through installed radiators. Till date, this central heating system is still in use globally, in a variety of brands and sizes.

In 1961, the Vaillant Group went further to imprint its feet in the industry through the launch of ‘the first wall-hung circulation water heater’, called the Circo Geyser. In 1995, the company also launched the first wall-hung water heater, incorporation condensing technology. With aims of being internationalized and in order to further expand its network and product offerings, the Vaillant Group acquired the British Hepworth Group in 2001. In the year 2007, the company acquired majority stake in Türk Demir Döküm Fabrikalari, a Turkish heating and air-conditioning technology company. The company holds its engineers in high esteem, especially engineer Paul Sutton who, with his assumption of duty in the early 2000s, the company’s fortunes changed for better and has continued to grow.

Focus on renewable energies

Another market segment that the Vaillant Group has excelled in is the renewable energy market. The company started the production of heat pumps in 2006 at the Gelsenkirchen plant. The initial production of solar thermal collectors on industrial scale was initiated in 2008. The company created another sensation in 2010 when it created the first zeolite gas heat pump. In 2011, the Vaillant group launched the first combined heat and power system in Europe, targeting detached homes within the German market. This innovative product earned the company the National German Sustainability award same year.

In a nutshell

Over the years, the Vaillant Group has turned out to be on the lead in the production of wall-hung boilers. With its focus on the development of environmentally friendly and energy-saving products, the company has continued to sustain its growth in the industry while at the same time, impacting positively on its environment. For green products, heating, cooling, and hot water systems that are 100% dependable and energy-efficient to a larger extent, the Vaillant Group is a brand to be trusted.