Should I replace my conventional boiler with a combi?

There are several reasons why people might want to get a new boiler. It could be that the previous one has broken down completely, they are moving into a new home and desire more modern fittings, or they had none at all. It could also be that a given home already owns a conventional boiler that is still working but then, it has served them for several years and needs to be replaced. In such situation, you might be faced with the issue of deciding whether to replace your conventional boiler with a Combi boiler, especially as the latter comes with lots of advantages more than the former.

Understanding the differences

Before you make that switch from your conventional boiler to a Combi boiler, it is important that you understand the differences, advantages, and disadvantages between these two different types of boilers. With this understanding, you will then be able to make an informed decision on what suits your home or not.

Features of a Combi boiler

  • It is compact in design
  • It requires lesser space for installation
  • Installation costs less
  • It provides hot water and heating on the go
  • It has higher energy efficiency and as such, saves cost on energy bills
  • It is suitable for smaller homes due to its inability to dispense hot water in multiple taps at a time

These are some of the features of a Combi boiler and these features have contributed immensely in increasing the boiler’s popularity. Now it is time to look at the features of the conventional boiler.

Features of a Conventional boiler

  • It is bulky in design as it comes with water tanks
  • It requires large space and loft for installation as it comes with large cold water tank and hot water cylinders
  • Installation costs more due to the bulky and multiple components that make up the boiler
  • It takes time to heat up and dispense hot water when needed
  • It has less energy efficiency and there is little or no savings on energy bills
  • It is suitable for larger households since it has the capacity to dispense hot water through multiple taps and showers at a particular time.

So, these are the features of the conventional and Combi boilers and considering the size of your household, your heating and boiler needs, and energy bills, it is at your discretion to decide if you still want to change from the existing conventional boiler to a Combi boiler.

When should my Combi boiler be installed?

Changing a home’s heating system is something that can be done any time but often times, it is best to carry out the installation of your Combi boiler while carrying out general home improvements on your property. This is especially because these installations might require adding new pipes and any other components that might disrupt daily activities. Whether it is a new Combi boiler installation or it is a conversion from a conventional boiler to a Combi boiler, always time your installation project properly to avoid any sudden but avoidable interruptions to your family’s activities.

Have you made that decision to get a new boiler?

If yes, then you can easily find local installers to get that new Combi boiler fitted in your home without any hassles.

Should I replace my conventional boiler with a combi?