Is a Combi Boiler right for you?

Over time, you must have read and understood a lot about the different types of boilers, including heat-only, Combi boilers, and system boilers. Among these boilers, the Combi boiler has proven to be the most sought after boiler system in the UK. Apart from providing hot water for domestic use, this type of boiler also provides the much needed heat for your home’s radiators.

Choosing the right boiler for your home

It is important you understand that the various boiler systems are only suitable for certain types of homes and specific-size families. This means that the boiler that works for house A might not work for house B. On this note, it becomes necessary that you choose the right boiler for your home, as this will significantly impact on its output or efficiency and most importantly, your wallet.

Yes, when you have the wrong type of boiler installed in your home, it could lead to accrual of higher energy bills, longer wait for hot water, and incessant breakdowns. Now you really don’t want all these. Read on to have a better understanding that will help you make an informed decision on what boiler to install in your home.

Different types of boilers

There are three main types of boilers and they are as follows:

Combi Boilers

These are high efficiency water heaters and central heating systems. This means that while they heat your home, they also make hot water available to you without creating any separate tank for hot water. They are also compact and as such, they do not need much space for installation.

The pros of Combi boilers are as follows:

  • They are compact
  • Eeasy to install
  • Provide hot water faster than other boilers
  • Have high energy efficiency
  • Provide water that is safer and cleaner than conventional boilers

The cons of Combi boilers include the following:

  • Multiple moving parts which might make it require more maintenance than conventional boilers
  • It is only suitable for homes with limited number of persons since it cannot dispel hot water in several taps or showers at a time
  • Requires higher level of pressure from mains to function properly

Heat-Only Boilers

Also known as conventional boilers or open-vent boilers, the heat-only boilers usually require enough space for installation as it makes use of water tank and expansion tanks that are stored in the loft. With this type of boiler system, you can preheat water for future use, making use of the on/off switch.

The pros of heat-only boilers are as follows:

  • They are suitable homes with multiple occupants as hot water can be gotten from multiple taps and showers at the same time.
  • Water can be preheated for future use
  • It has fewer moving components unlike the Combi boiler

The cons of heat-only boilers are as follows:

  • It requires additional space for installation because of the hot water storage tanks and cylinders
  • If no water is preheated before hand, it takes time to wait for the water to get heated before use
  • They are less energy efficient in comparison to Combi boilers

System Gas Boiler Systems

Also known as closed-vent boilers, the system gas boilers work more like the open-vent boilers but come with less external components. A system gas boiler has most of its external components built into the boiler and most importantly, it works without a tank in a loft.

The pros of system gas boilers include the following:

  • They are suitable for larger homes with constant need of hot water from multiple taps
  • It does not require much space like the heat-only boiler as it does not require a cold water tank tucked into the loft.

Cons of system gas boilers include the following:

  • Adequate space is required for the hot water cylinder
  • They are more expensive to install unlike Combi boilers
  • They are less energy efficient than the Combi boilers
  • It takes time to heat up the water
Is a Combi Boiler right for you?