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Ideal Company History

Ideal is a manufacturer and distributor of top quality boilers. Established in 1906 with headquarters in East Yorkshire, Ideal Boilers took the lead in transferring boilers from the basements to the homeowners’ kitchens in the early 1920s. Known for the reliability of its products which range from gas atmospheric boilers to pressure jet boilers, condensing boilers, heat interface units, and commercial radiators, Ideal have made reliability and superior quality its trademark, both in the UK market and beyond.

This pioneer manufacturer of high-efficiency technologies has, in the over hundred years it has been in business, put its customers’ needs first and every design of heating and boiler systems is aimed at making their everyday life easier and more convenient.

Ideal offer its customers a variety of boilers to suit their different sizes and style of homes. This means that no matter the heating need of a given household, there will always be a suitable boiler for it. Over the years, Ideal Boilers has continued to grow on its principles of innovation, value, and top quality. Always at the forefront in coming up with new standards for the industry, this great company has built a rich heritage for several generations to come.

Apart from residential homes, Ideal Boilers products are also suitable for use in sports halls, schools, public buildings, factories, blocks of flats, restaurants, offices, pubs, hospitals, department stores, and others. Every product from the company comes with parts and labour warranty that ranges from two to ten years.

Timeless products

The secret behind the company’s success in the over 100 years it has been in existence is its ability to meet its customers’ ever changing domestic and commercial heating needs. This is the major reason why the company devotes adequate time and resources to researching more energy-efficiency options as far as heating and systems are concerned.

Innovative boilers at your disposal

Depending on a given home’s size, style, and owner’s preference, Ideal Boilers have a variety of innovative boilers styled to meet your needs. From wall hung boilers to modular boilers and floor standing boilers, the choice is yours to make. What more, every product sold is backed up with unrivalled customer service and training on use.

Ideal have a mission – To always put their customers’ needs first. This is why it took the lead in giving extended warranties on all of its products. There is also a 364 days-a-year call centre aimed at ensuring that customers receive as much support as necessary when needed.

If you are in search of a boiler and heating system from a manufacturer that is always looking for ways to improve its products and services, then Ideal Boilers might just be manufacturer that fits.