Common Combi Boiler Terms

If you intend to have a Combi boiler installed in your home but can’t really seem to understand most of the boiler terms, it might make things a bit harder than you imagined. In order to save you this problem, here are most of the Combi boiler terms you should know. They are as follows:

Condensate: This occurs when gas or oil is burned along with heat within the boiler. It is emitted from the boiler along with the gas and tends to be more pronounced in cold weather. Apart from being discharged into the atmosphere, condensate is also drained through pipes fitted within or outside the house. They are not poisonous.

Condensing Technology: With the changes in government legislation, there is the need for boiler designs that condense as much energy as possible. This energy is then recycled into heating your home. This technology amounts to huge savings in heating for homes.

Flow Rate: This term is used in determining the quantity of hot water that gushes from the tap within a given time frame. A Combi boiler’s flow rate is mostly determined by the pressure and quantity of water that is being fed through the water mains. A combination of good pressure and higher kW will lead to faster flow of hot water.

ErP Rating: Being a new requirement put in place by the European Union, the ErP rating is geared towards achieving improvements in the overall performance and efficiency of heating systems. Rated from A++ to G, every boiler comes with an applicable rating.

Gas Safe Accreditation: This is the hallmark of gas safety in the United Kingdom. In order to be qualified to install boilers and other gas appliances in any home, installers are mandated to be on the Gas Safe Register.

OFTEC Accreditation: This is a trade association that is saddled with the responsibility of setting industry standards for oil-fired boilers. The association also maintains a list of competent installers for installation and servicing of oil-fired products.

Flue: This is that part of a Combi boiler through which exhaust gases are able to exit the boiler. It is strategically positioned behind the Combi boiler. This way, the waste gases exit the boiler without polluting the home.

Open Vent: Regular boilers are usually described with this term. Just as the term implies, the system has an open vent with tanks within the loft space. They are mostly found in older homes.

Greenstar: Every Worcester Combi Boiler is named Greenstar. It represents reliability, comfort, and high energy with the related products.

System filter: This is a unit that is designed to filter both magnetic and non-magnetic contaminants from a central heating system before the water makes its way to the boiler. Installation of this unit prevents damages to a boiler’s key components.

SEDBUK Rating: SEDBUK is an abbreviation for Seasonal Efficiency of Domestic Boilers UK. It is a body that is tasked with providing ratings that determine percentage efficiency score of boilers, including A to G rating. This makes product comparison easier.

Standard Efficiency (G Rated): With the current rating structure of SEDBUK, boilers with G-rating are 30% less efficient than Worcester A-rated boilers. This is especially because they are not designed to condense and recycle generated heat.