Baxi 400 LPG Combi Boilers

Baxi 400 LPG Combi Boiler Introduction

For those homes located in off-grid mains gas areas and in need of easy to install and efficient heating and boiling system, the Baxi 400 Combi LPG is a good option for their heating and hygienic hot water needs. Designed with the end users and installers in mind, this A-rated boiler is very portable and weighs just an approximate 26kg and compact enough to be installed in even the smallest homes. It is designed to meet the minimum requirements of energy efficiency, thereby reducing energy bills and carbon footprint. It comes with a 5-year parts and labour warranty.

With an impressive 28kW output, this boiler has a lot of time-saving features that make it the right choice for a variety of homes. Some of these features include but not limited to easy-fit wall bracket, easily accessible electrical connections, easy to learn and manipulate smart controls, and others. The boiler also comes with what is termed ‘industry leading choice’ of flue lengths. This is what makes it possible for this boiler to be easily installed in any part of the home, apart from its compact size.

baxi 400 combi boiler

Baxi 400 LPG Combi Boiler


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700 x 395 x 279

5 years

£650 online