Baxi Combi Boilers

Baxi Combi Boiler Models

Baxi Company History

Baxi is part of Baxi Heating which in turn, is part of another parent company known as BDR Thermea Group, a world leader in the manufacture and distribution of sanitary hot water, sustainable and climate solutions. This company has been in existence since 1866 and ever since then, it has prided itself with the production and distribution of dependable heating and boiler systems in the UK.

Not only are the boiler products from Baxi dependable, they are also of high efficiency and easy to install. Once installed in any given homes, these systems are easy to use, maintain and when necessary, serviced. The reliability of the products from Baxi is so high that the company not only offers labour warranty, it also offers its customers genuine free spare parts for their boilers.

Always innovative

One of the selling points of Baxi is that the company is highly innovative and with this added to the company’s passion and reliability, it has been able to carve a name for itself in the heating industry. Baxi is always on the look-out for newer technologies that would give customers exceptional worth for their purchases. This is why it goes the extra mile to carry out development researches, offer trainings that not only targets installers and specifiers, its training also targets its customers as they are enlightened on the use of the company’s latest products. As a matter of fact, Baxi is synonymous with rest of mind for both homeowners and installers.

Product ranges

Baxi offers both Combi boilers, heat only boilers, and system boilers. Some of its product ranges include the Baxi 100 Combi, Baxi 200 Combi, Baxi 400 Combi, Baxi 600 Combi, Baxi Duo-tec Combi, Baxi EcoBlue Advance Combi, Baxi Platinum Combi, Baxi 100 Combi LPG, and others.

Under the heat only boilers, there are Baxi 200 Heat, Baxi 400 Heat, Baxi EcoBlue Advance Heat, and Baxi EcoBlue Heat.

For the system heaters which are mostly suitable for larger homes or properties, it offers its customers the Baxi EcoBlue System and the Baxi Megaflo System.

With its vast range of products, Baxi’s aim is to ensure that at every point and time, they deliver the best value to customers through its energy efficient and high quality products and services, including round-the-clock technical support. At the same time, the company is also driven by the need to promote social, environmental, and economic sustainability.


The result of Baxi’s passion to offer its customer the best of products has not gone unnoticed as over the years, the company has come to bag multiple awards from prestigious organizations. Some of these awards include but not limited to the following:

  • Best B2B Loyalty Programme
  • Heating Product of the year
  • Customer Service award
  • Corporate Social
  • Responsibility award
  • Energy Efficient award
  • Manufacturing Business award
  • Marketing Team of the Year
  • Best Use of Data and Insight
  • Best Use of Digital Marketing