An electric or gas combi boiler – which is better?

In view of the fact that as a homeowner, you would always have one form of energy bill or the other to settle, it is only natural to find yourself wondering if your conventional gas boiler is a better option to an electric boiler. If this seems like you, then this guide will give you the insight you need in making the right choice of boiler for your home, electric or conventional.

Electric boilers – An overview

Just like the conventional gas boilers, the electric boilers heat up hot water for your homes and in some cases, also provide warmth for the rooms however, it uses electricity to carry out these functions while the conventional gas boilers use gas. The buildings that benefit most from electric boilers are those without access to gas mains supply. These electric boilers come in a variety of models that range from 4kW to 14.4kW. The lesser your home’s need for hot water and heat, the lower kW you will require and vice versa.

Advantages of electric boilers

Some of the advantages of using electric boilers include but not limited to the following:

Energy Efficiency: This is one of the best selling points of every electric boiler. They have approximately 99% energy efficiency rate, this is especially because they don’t burn any form of fossil fuels that could lead to loss of heat.

Zero Gas: Statistics have shown that in the UK alone, over 2 million homes have no access to gas mains and as such, their best option is the use of electric boilers for their hot water and central heating needs.

Portable Size: For the fact that the electric boilers do not need any flue since they don’t use fossil fuels, they are more compact than the conventional gas boilers.

Lower Cost of Installation: Since electric boilers come with lesser components, it costs less to be installed in your home since it does not require avenues like chimney or flue for gas emissions.

Less Noise: Unlike the conventional gas boilers that have several components moving simultaneously in order to heat up your water, the electric boilers are mostly very quiet when being used.

Affordable Maintenance: Since they come with fewer mechanical parts than the conventional gas boilers, electric boilers require less maintenance.

Disadvantages of electric boilers

Some of the disadvantages of electric boilers include but not limited to the following:

Increased energy costs: Being that electricity usage is more expensive than gas, the use of electric boilers could mean an increase in your annual energy bills.

Limited supply of hot water: If yours is a large home, then you should know that electric boilers might not be able to supply the quantity of hot water your household might need at a particular time.

Power cuts: What happens if there is power cut in your home at the time you need hot water? You could be left without hot water for several hours and in more severe cases, this could last days.

These are just a few of the advantages and disadvantages of using an electric boiler. It is then up to you to decide what is suitable for your home – an electric boiler or a conventional gas boiler. It is your decision to make.

An electric or gas combi boiler – which is better?