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What is a Combi Boiler?

A Combi boiler, also known as Combination boiler is a compact unit that carries out the double functions of central heating boiler and water boiler. Its efficiency stems from the unit’s ability to condense surplus energy and divert same into use by the central heating system in a given home. This way, instead of being wasted, energy is recycled. A Combi boiler’s efficiency and compact size has made it the top choice in most homes.

How does a Combi Boiler work?

Ordinarily, flue gases are emitted when a boiler is being used but with a condensing boiler, the flue gas is not wasted, rather it is recycled through the heat recovery system. With this step, the new cold water from the mains is preheated with the recycled energy. As a result, the boiler uses less energy to heat water every time there is the need for hot water.

Being that these Combi boilers heat the water directly from the water mains, there is no need for any form of hot or cold water tank or cylinder.

Why choose a Combi Boiler?

There are several reasons why you should go for a Combi boiler for your home’s heating needs. Some of these reasons include but not limited to the following:

Compact sized unit: Most homes have limited space within and as such, need a heating system that is very portable without compromising on quality of output. This is what the Combi boiler is about – a simple and compact unit that can easily fit into a kitchen cupboard.

High energy efficiency: With over 90% energy efficiency, Combi boilers are designed to effectively serve water heating purposes while emitting minimal carbon into the atmosphere.

Ease of installation: Being that it does not come with a variety of installation elements like the conventional boilers, a Combi boiler is easy to install. More so, it can be fitted in any part of the home.

Hot water on the go: Unlike the conventional boilers with tanks, you don’t need to store hot water before hand or even wait for the tank to be refilled. With a Combi boiler, you get hot water without wasting time.

Reduced energy bills: In comparison to conventional boilers with approximately 55% energy efficiency and do not condense energy, Combi boilers are over 90% energy efficient and as such, saves you significant money on annual energy bills.

Things to consider before installing a Combi Boiler

Level of hot water demand: In homes where there is a high level of demand for hot water, it is important to have a higher efficiency Combi boiler installed. This way, there will be no disappointments in steady flow of hot water.

Adequate supply of water from the water mains: In order to avoid a situation where the water pressure from the taps and showers are weak, it is necessary to ensure that there is adequate water supply from the water mains. This is especially if there are multiple sinks, showers, and taps connected to the mains.

Space for a condensing pipe: In order for your boiler to work effectively, a condensing pipe is usually installed for drainage and disposal of condensed vapour. This usually impacts on your choice of position for the boiler.

Other things you need to consider before installing a Combi boiler include the size of your house (the bigger the house, the higher the output), the brand of boiler that will last longer, the cost of buying and installation, etc.

Carrying out home improvements can be easier and less expensive when you have professionals to walk you through it. With a network of thousands of trained and registered installers, you can always get the Combi boiler installation help you need.