Glow-worm Boiler Details for Model 'Ultimate 120FF'

This Non-Condensing Regular boiler from Glow-worm was first manufactured in 1994. It uses a 'No Permanent Pilot Light' ignition system and is Wall Mounted. Its fuel type is GAS and has an energy efficiency rating of 78.1% which makes it D rated.

Efficiency Rating

SAP Efficiency rating 78.1%
Efficiency Band -

Boiler Specifications

Boiler Manufacturer Glow-worm
Model Ultimate 120FF
Boiler ID 41 319 75
Fuel GAS
Boiler Type Regular
Flue Type Room-sealed:Fan
Housing Indoor
Electric Power (firing) 97 W
Electric Power (not firing) W
Burner Control On/Off
Manufactured 1994 - Current
Method Non-Condensing
Mounting Wall
Ignition Type No Permanent Pilot Light

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