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The Science Bit with Money Saving Proof!

Fact: Combi Boilers use less energy and require less installation space compared to their inferior forerunners. The Combi Boiler effectively combines the central heating (CH) with the domestic hot water (DHW) into one single ‘combined’ system within your home – … Continue reading

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The Different Types of Combi Boilers

There are 5 ‘varieties’ of combi boilers: Combi Boiler The Combi Boiler (also known as an instantaneous boiler) is the No. 1 choice for UK homeowners. Its popularity is born out of its efficiency of directly heating the incoming mains … Continue reading

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Combi Boiler – The UKs Best Selling Home Boiler

The Combi boiler is a specific type of condensing boiler, which generates on-demand hot water through your taps and shower head, and central heating from within the actual boiler unit. This on-demand convenience together with its space saving compact size, … Continue reading

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Short for combination, but long on Energy, Space & Money Saving!

The Combi Boiler combines a high energy efficient water heater and central heating boiler into one single (space saving) unit and has proven to be the most popular type of boiler in the UK, accounting for over 50% of new … Continue reading

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Just 2 Steps to Combi Heaven

Every 20 seconds a boiler breaks down in the UK. This revelation from British Gas makes you think (& shiver!). Picture for a minute a freezing winter morning, you’re late for work, the kids uniforms are still in the washing … Continue reading

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